Ana Isabel Gómez Carretero


Research Group Meeting


Ana Isabel Gómez Carretero
28 February 2018

Dipartimento di Informatica – Università degli Studi di Bari
Via Orabona, 4 – 70125 – Bari
Tel:+39.080.5443270 | Fax:+39.080.5442536


Ana Isabel Gómez Carretero

Ana Isabel Gómez Carretero
PhD Student

Directors: Mario Piattini &
Ismael Caballero



Short CV

    Education & Training

  • BsC and MsC in Computer Science (UCLM)
  • Data Protection Universitary Expert (UNED)
  • CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor – ISACA)

    Work Experience

  • Research Assistant in Alarcos Research Group (3 years)
  • Information Systems Auditor (ISO 12207 & ISO/IEC 15504) (as auditor in practices)
  • Teacher in VIU (International University of Valencia)
    • Risk, Security & Legislation in Information Systems
  • Associate Professor in UCLM
    • Computer Networks II
    • Data Structures
  • Co-founder of DQTeam S.L. Spin-off UCLM
  • Co-founder of CireBits Junior Enterprise


    International Standards

  • National Expert ISO 8000 (ISO TC184/SC4 WG23)


  • Carretero, A. G., Gualo, F., Caballero, I., & Piattini, M. (2017).
    MAMD 2.0: Environment for data quality processes implantation
    based on ISO 8000-6X and ISO/IEC 33000. Computer Standards &
    Interfaces, 54, 139-151.
  • Carretero, A. G., Freitas, A., Correia, R., & Piattini, M. (2016). A
    case study on assessing the organizational maturity of data
    management, data quality management and data governance by
    means of MAMD. In Proceedings of the 21th International
    Conference on Information Quality (ICIQ).
  • Carretero, A. G., Caballero, I. & Piattini, M. (2016) Evaluación del
    nivel de madurez de datos usando MAMD: un estudio de caso. Pp
    1-14. CIBSE – Quito, Ecuador.
  • Carretero, A. G., Caballero, I. & Piattini, M. (2016) MAMD: Towards
    a Data Improvement Model based on ISO 8000-6X and ISO/IEC
    33000. Pp 241-253. SPICE Confence – Dublin, Ireland



Doctoral Dissertation

    Provisional Tittle:

  • A framework for the construction and adaptation of
    evaluation models for data management, data quality
    management and data governance.

    • Alarcos’ Model for Data Improvement (MAMD)


  • O1. To define a process reference model of
    data processes.
  • O2. To develop an assessment model of
    organizational maturity for data processes.
  • O3. To develop a certification methodology of
    data processes organizational maturity.
  • O4. To develop a bank sector and internet of
    things specializations of the framework of data

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