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Bibiano Rivas


Dipartimento di Informatica-Università degli Studi di Bari
Via Orabona, 4 – 70125 – Bari
Tel:+39.080.5443270 | Fax:+39.080.5442536




About me


PhD Student at the XXXIII Cycle
Programme in Computer Science and Mathematics
Tutor: Dra. Maria Teresa Baldassarre
Co-Tutor Prof. Mario Piattini




Short CV (I/II)



  • BcS in Computer Science (July 2015) at UCLM
  • MsC in Computer Science Engineering (October 2016) at UCLM


  • Research assistant in Alarcos Research Group (from 2015 to 2017)
  • Co-founder Cirebits JE
  • Co-founder DQTeam S.L. Spin-off UCLM


  • Standarization committees participation
    • ISO/IEC 20547 – JTC 1/WG9 for Big Data. 7-9 July 2015. Ciudad Real (Spain). Attendee
    • ISO 8000 – TC184/SC4/WG13. 17-19 February 2015. Ciudad Real (Spain). Attendee.
  • International academic conference organization committees participation
    • 10th IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE). 13-16
      July 2015. Ciudad Real (Spain). Organization committee staff.
    • 21st International Conference on Information Quality (ICIQ). 21-23 July 2016. Ciudad
      Real (Spain). Organization committee staff.

    Short CV(II/II)


    • I8K|DQ-BigData: I8K Architecture Extension for Data Quality in Big
      Data in the MoBiD workshop of the 34th International Conference
      on Conceptual Modelling (ER2015).
    • JCR Q1- Future Generation Computer Systems Journal. “A Data
      Quality in Use model for Big Data”.
    • JCR Q2– Computer Software & Interfaces. “Towards a service
      architecture for master data exchange based on ISO 8000 with
      support to process large datasets”.
    • Infrastructure-Aware Functional Testing of MapReduce Programs.
      FiCloud Workshops 2016: 171-176
    • I8K|DQ-BigData: Extensión Arquitectura I8K para Calidad de Datos
      en Big Data. JISBD 2015 Conference, Santander (Spain)
    • No JCR – Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering
      Systems Journal. 2 – 1, pp. 90 – 96. ASTESJ.
      “Configuration/Infrastructure-aware testing of MapReduce
      programs”, 15/01/2017. ISSN 2415-6698





Subject of the Thesis

Provisional Title


  • A framework for the evaluation and improvement of Data Quality from an
    ISO/IEC 25000 perspective


Data Quality


  • Fitness for use

  • ISO/IEC 25012

    • A General data quality model for data
  • ISO/IEC 25024

    • Defines data quality measures
  • ISO 8000-8

    • Fundamental concepts of information and data quality

Big Data


  • Volume
  • Velocity
  • Variety





  • To know the state of the art in the area of data quality, data
    management and ISO/IEC 25000 family.
  • To develop a “Measurement Framework for Data Quality”, in
    which are defined how volume, velocity and variety should to
    be measure and how affects to the data.
  • To develop a data quality metamodel for store the data
    quality measurement results in a data quality repository.
  • To apply the “Measurement and Evaluation Framework for
    Data Quality” in different organizations at national and
    international level, in order to validate and refine through
    case studies the proposed framework.



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